A Sodium Diet

A Sodium Diet (What You Must Know About Sodium) [Kindle Edition]

Your body has amazing ways that it can prolong your life.  Many people and scientist look at the body from a chemical view point, but in fact, it is an electrical body. In his book, The Philosopher’s Stone, Michiio Kushi recounts how he performed an experiment in his laboratory where he transmuted sodium, Na+ into Potassium, K+.

In this Kindle e-book, you will discover why you should be concerned about sodium foods and your sodium diet and how this is related to potassium.  In the end, it’s all about how you can have the best health by minimizing any health problems that can arise from having an imbalance in sodium with respect with other minerals.

Sodium, chloride, and potassium are three of the critical electrolytes or ions in your body.  Sodium is a positive charged electrolyte that resides mostly outside of your body cells.

Sodium stands number one in importance in your body.  Ninety percent of the ions, Na+, that exist in the fluids outside of your cells are sodium.  It is sodium that attracts fluids and water into the outer cellular area and maintains the balance of these fluids throughout your body.

Discover in this e-book why table salt which contains sodium is a poison and what it does in your body.  If you have high blood pressure, you will discover that it is not necessary the sodium in the salt that you eat that contributes to high blood pressure, but its something else.

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A Sodium Diet (What You Must Know About Sodium)


Sodium Nutrition Diet Revealed


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