Createspace Cover – InDesign

How You Should use InDesign for a Createspace Cover

InDesign is more difficult to use than Photoshop to create book cover. However, if you already know how to use it, then you are one step ahead of many of us.  It has some great features to help you create super Kindle cover or Createspace covers.



Thomas Oberbichler

10 hours ago

Very helpful! Thank you! :D



4 months ago

This tutorial makes my list as one of my most personally helpful videos ever! I did everything you instructed and it worked flawlessly. I’ve dl’ed it for future projects. Createspace should be PAYING you, lol! Thanks for the blessing and may it return to you ten-fold.


Adam Swenson

1 month ago

Really great tutorial. Seriously. Thanks so much!

If you are using GIMP to make a CreateSpace Cover , click here.

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