make shampoos at home

Make Your Own Shampoos At Home

I have been making natural home shampoos for over 15 years.  I first got started because I got fed up with the commercial shampoos with all their petrochemicals and other chemicals that were harmful to hair and health.  Today there even more new chemicals that have been added to shampoos.  One thing many people forget is that what you put on your skin ends up in your blood.  With the hundreds of different chemicals used in shampoos and other cosmetics, do you know what effects these chemicals have in your body?  Well, just about any illness you can think of is related to those chemicals.  But your liver is the first organ that takes a beating.

Can You Make Shampoo?

Maybe you think you can’t make shampoos at home, well this e-book in kindle, paperback, or PDF form gives you the information step by step, so that you can make some great shampoo.  You can make some simple, effective shampoos or you can make some complex shampoos that target specific issue that you want to address with your hair.

Different type of Hair Shampoo

Here are some of the types of shampoos you can make:


Oily hair

Hair loss

Hair growth

Dry hair

Normal hair

Hair tonic

If you don’t want to use home make shampoos for yourself, these shampoos are great for your kids.  Get them started early so they can gain the benefits of not getting so many harmful chemicals into their body.  And, they will also lose less hair as they age.  An additional future benefit is that they can teach their children how to make these shampoos for better hair and health.

Powerful Shampoos

Don’t think that the shampoos you can make at home are not as powerful as store bought shampoos, because this is not true.  These shampoos are carefully thought out and contain some of the best natural products you can eat and use.  You can make them with different herbs and special nutrients and products that your hair will love.

Here is a chance for you to switch to natural shampoos you make.  You can alternate from using natural shampoos and your own loved store bought shampoo to give your hair a rest.  As you get more knowledgeable in creating shampoos, you may eventually create one natural shampoo that you will want to use all the time.

Make Shampoos At Home Using Natural Ingredients: Discover make shampoos at home recipes

How to Buy

You can buy this book in three ways – Amazon Kindle, PDF, or Paperback.  Click now on the way you want to buy it below:

Amazon Kindle

Make Shampoos At Home Using Natural Ingredients:Discover recipes for quality natural hair shampoos [Kindle Edition]


Make Shampoos At Home Using Natural Ingredients

Paperback Large Print

Make Shampoos At Home Using Natural Ingredients: Large Print


Click down below on the buy button and get your e-book in PDF format. Get this valuable information on how you can create the best health for you and family.

Buy now so that you can get started in a new way of getting your hair clean.  You can stop putting harsh chemicals into your blood that injury health in a way you are unaware of.

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