Eliminate Constipation

Here is more constipation information that can help your eliminate constipation. Use this and other tips that I give you in other videos to stop your constipation.


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Hi Rudy Silva, nutritionist, here and I want to give some tips and ideas on constipation remedies and how you can start to have better colon health and eliminate constipation.

If you have a mild case of constipation, then you should be able to eliminate it within a few days by using these constipation remedies.  But, if have not had a bowel movement for 3 day or more and this occurs frequently, you have a little more work to do.

So let’s get started

Constipation Diet

First constipation can occur for many reasons, but most constipation occurs when you don’t have a good diet and you live with a lot of tension and stress.

So when I say that you need to change some eating habits, you need to do this slowly so it will stick.  Doing fast changes in your diet will not stick and before you know it, you are back to eating your old way.

Let’s Talk About Diet and constipation remedies

There is no doubt that if you have constipation some eating habits need to be changed and your will need to use the constipation remedies listed here.  Consider that the food you eat, your body uses it to build your cells and body.  Garage is still garbage no matter you put it. So start reducing the amount of junk food you eat.
Next, start adding more vegetables and fruits to your diet. This will give more water and fiber.

Use more fruits and fruits juices as constipation remedies in the morning or as snacks.  Drink a juice made of lemon, oranges, and grapefruit, first thing in the morning to help stimulate peristaltic action. This will help to promote urine and bowel movements in the morning.

Avoid those juices that have added sugar or fructose.  The fructose is a deadly chemical, except when you find it in fruits and juices you prepare.

Morning Breakfast

Here are some more constipation remedies that will go long way in help you become regular.
Avoid eat the morning heavy breakfast such as eggs, bacon, potatoes, or cereal.  These take 3-4 hours to digest and the morning until noon is when your body wants eliminate matter from your body.

Having to do long digestion in the morning will prevent your body from having regular bowel movements.

Lunch and Dinner

When you have lunch or dinner, make sure you have a fresh salad.  Vegetables contain fiber and this fiber mixes with residue meat in your colon to help it move out of your colon faster.  These constipation remedies listed you need to apply.

Without vegetables with your meals where you only eat meat and some other carbohydrates, your residue meat will stay longer in your colon which results in constipation.  Besides you don’t want meat residues to remain in contact with your colon walls too long, unless you want colon infections or disease.

Liquids With Meals

When you eat your main meals avoid drinking water or any other liquids.
When you drink water or sodas, you interfere with your digestion of your meal.  If you drink water, this dilutes your stomach acid and your digestion is compromised.  You will not digest your food properly and you will have undigested food show up in your colon.  This will provide food for the bad bacteria in your colon and have constipation consequences.

Supplement That Help With Constipation

Magnesium and MSM capsules are constipation remedies supplements that can help your with constipation, but only use it until you get control of your constipation.  Use magnesium citrate.  Start with 500 mg taken during the morning without food.

Use MSM, especially if you are over 50.  This will help stimulate peristaltic colon action.  Take 6000 mg every day.

Fruits After Meals

There you have it.  A few constipation remedies that will help you control your regularity..  It may take a few days for all these tips to kick in, but they will definitely have an effect.

Oh, make sure you don’t eat any fruit or sugar after you meals.  This also will affect your digestion.  You want to best digestion, so that your body gets the nutrients it needs to work right.

If you want more comprehensive tips and ways to eliminate your constipation, check out link below the link below, Remedies to get rid of constipation


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