Calcium and Magnesium

Proper Calcium Magnesium Eating and Supplementing

Calcium Deficiency

Bone loss starts around middle age.  For women it increases during menopause.  For men, bone loss is slow but steady starting from around 30.  In bone loss there are normally no symptoms. But here are a few that stand out:

  • Bone deformity or rickets
  • Muscle and leg cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Growth retardation

Unfortunately, around 40% of women who live over 75 years will experience bone loss factures.  It has been found that if you lack a small drop in the required level of calcium in your body this deficiency will activate aging and many degenerative diseases.

So you don’t want to be short on calcium.  Most people are short, but now you can be one of the persons that knows how to get the right amount of calcium into you

Magnesium Deficiency

Your body holds up to 3 oz. of magnesium.  It is alkaline in nature and it is known as the “Relaxer”, since helps to calm the nerves and muscle tissue.  But, calming the nerves is also a matter of mind control and attitude.   You can increase your life span, when you are calmer and have the proper amount of magnesium in your body.

By knowing how to use the combination Calcium and Magnesium supplements, you can avoid becoming short on either mineral.  The amount of calcium and magnesium supplements you need, given on the internet and by doctors, is incorrect.  Discover how you should be taking these mineral properly.

This “Calcium and Magnesium” book give you the best foods, natural remedies, and supplements you should be using to make sure you have the best health that these minerals can give you.  It also gives you information on the symptoms and illnesses that you will have without the proper calcium and magnesium.

Magnesium for Stopping Constipation: Do You Know How to Stop Constipation with Magnesium?

Calcium Deficiency: Discover Here Calcium Vitamins, Calcium Foods, Facts and Stop disease

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The Calcium Magnesium Magic Revealed: The Best Way To Use Calcium Magnesium To Eliminate Illness

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