Potassium and Sodium Diet

Discover How Potassium and Sodium Give You An Acid Body

Potassium is another mineral that has many activities in your body, just like sodium.  As potassium enters your body in food or by supplements, it is transformed into electrical charges called ions.

Potassium and sodium work together to maintain your body at a healthy level.  One can’t work properly without the other.  But potassium does other work that does not require the assistance of sodium.  It helps other nutrients to help your muscles and nerves work like they should and to synthesize protein and store carbohydrates.

Make Your Body Alkaline

Potassium is also known as the “Great Alkalizer,” since it easily combines with phosphorus, chlorine, and sulphur, which are all acid residue elements.  If you have a slight potassium excess in your body, you will have stamina, good body movement, and may, also, have excellent thought processes.  Athletes are potassium people because of the precise body movements, speed, and energy they use.  Potassium gives them body and brain health.

Is Potassium Critical?

Discover more about how critical your potassium diet is.  Have you ever considered that you needed to be concerned with the amount of potassium you get into your body?  Now you can uncover potassium secrets that will speed your performance in all levels, in this new book.

What about Sodium?

Sodium stands number one in importance in your body.  Ninety percent of the ions, Na+, that exist in the fluids outside of your cells are sodium.  It is sodium that attracts fluids and water into the outer cellular area and maintains the balance of these fluids throughout your body.

Sodium is an alkaline mineral that has a positive charge like potassium, except that sodium neutralizes acids, whereas potassium helps to drain acids out of your body.  The chemical symbol for sodium ions is Na+ and for potassium it is K+.

The Youth Element

Sodium is called the Youth Element, because if you always have the right amount in your body, you will be limber, pliable, and active.  All athletic activities and active hobbies require your body to have plenty of sodium.

You don’t get sodium from salt.  Salt is a dead food.  You get the type of sodium your body needs from fruits and vegetables.  There are certain foods that are considered sodium foods.  These foods contain a good amount of organic live sodium that your body needs.

The Sodium Organ

Your stomach is considered a sodium organ because it needs plenty of sodium to prevent your stomach acid from drilling a hole in its tissue.

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Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating: Sodium & Potassium

Modern diets contain too much sodium and not enough potassium. Learn more about getting proper sodium and potassium levels with tips from a certified nutritionist in this free health video.


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