Thyroid Diet: Thyroid Problems

Here’s How You Can Stop Hypothyroidism

Are you fed up with having thyroid symptoms?

Memory loss
Cold hands or feet
Inability to lose weight
Menstrual problems
Thinning hair

Well, there is help and you can find it in the kindle book.  In this Thyroid Diet book there are many ways to help you, if you are suffering from thyroid issues. Here are a few ways to start working on your thyroid.

First, your diet must be rich in beta carotene.  Beta carotene, a carotenoid, is an antioxidant and is the yellow, orange, or red color in plants, fruits, and vegetables.  When you eat food that is rich in carotene, your body converts it to vitamin A.

Then you need to stop eating these foods:

Sweet potato
Canola Oil
Pine Nuts

Here are some spices that are high in beta carotene. Use them in various cooking that you do.

Spices are high in beta carotene. Because they are dried, the beta carotene is more concentrated.  Use these spices in your cooking. These spices are listed in the order of highest carotene concentration.

Cayenne pepper
Chili powders

Natural Thyroid Treatment Using Thyroid remedies , thyroid foods, and Natural thyroid supplements

To find out more about the thyroid diet.  These book gives you the details on what you should be eating, what spices to use, and which foods to avoid.

Head over to kindle or to the other sites to get your copy to this Thyroid books.  You will also discover in this book, what supplements you should be using. Take health action now and start seeing more energy and focus in your life.

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