Vegetables and Vegetable Juice Cures

Vegetables and Vegetable Juice Cures (Discover how to cure yourself with Vegetables) [Kindle Edition]

Most people don’t think about using vegetables and vegetable juices when they are sick.  Are you one of them?  If you are, then it’s a big mistake.  Vegetables maintain your health and cure your illnesses.  In my book called, “Vegetables and Vegetable Juice Cures,” I give you the vegetables that you need to use for specific illnesses.  Then I give you the various vegetables juice that cure disease and how much to take.  You will also discover why juices have all this power to cure.

Drinking fresh juices especially when you are sick is one way to recover faster from illness.  Vegetable juices digest quicker than then the actual raw vegetable.  The digestion of vegetables takes time and energy.  The energy to digest the vegetable comes from the vegetable itself.  When you are sick, you need to preserve your energy or allow your immune system to use the energy you have to fight off disease.  You need to drink more juices when you are sick than when you are not.

When you are not sick, you should use juices to maintain your health.  You use juices not as a substitute for your regular meals, but in conjunction with them.  Juices provide quick energy with the natural sugar they contain, which is used right away by your body.

They provide a good supply of enzymes that are used to process the juice and for other body chemical reactions.  When you provide your body with external enzymes – as with fresh juices or by supplementation – you preserve your body’s enzymes for other necessary and more important chemical reactions in your organs and blood.

When you eat dead food, not raw fruits, vegetables, and their juices, your body has to create and provide the enzymes necessary to digest this dead food.  Dead food is any food that does not have enzymes and this includes fruits and vegetables that are cooked above 115 F to 130 F.

Discover more about why you should know how to cure yourself with vegetables and their juices.  You will be going less frequently to the doctor when you take care of yourself with vegetables.

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