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Check out this video on constipation remedies.  Learn some new ideas on how to control and eliminate the uncomfortable condition of constipation.

Constipation Remedies That Heal: Stop Constipation With This Unique Way of Eating

Are you struggling to get rid of your constipation, but still can’t do it? Well from a nutritional view, here is a constipation remedy that you need to know about, before you continue your ”constipation stop program.” Use this tip and expect to see results.

If you have had constipation for a while or it comes and goes, then you know how frustrating it is to get your colon working like it should. But, now you have a big chance to get a new perspective on what you need to do to eliminate this condition, without using drugstore laxatives. Besides if you are using laxatives or even natural herb laxatives, you need to use them for only a short time, otherwise expect to become addicted to these remedies.

Healing Power of Nutrition
Constipation Tips and Remedies That Work

Eating Habits Tip #1

In this video, I’m going give one powerful constipation tip that you can use to stop your constipation.

There really is no need for you to have constipation, and I will show you how to start your “stop constipation program.”

Constipation is a result of three factors.

Eating Habits, Stress, Heredity

This video will only discuss eating habits and stress and heredity factors affecting constipation will be talked about in other videos.
“Hi my name is Rudy Silva, I’m Natural Nutritional Consultant. I’ve been a nutritionist since 1997 and graduated from the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, and I also have a Physics Degree from San Jose State University in the US. I also have over 42 books on natural remedies for various body conditions.

Your eating habits can be one of the major issues with your constipation. First of all, your body only works like it should if you give it good nutritional food.

One of the most important tips I can give is to eat a breakfast of fruits, juices of fruits and vegetables, and other herbal drinks. Don’t eat a heavy meal for breakfast such as eggs, bacon, potatoes, sausage, ham, meat, bread with butter and jam. A heavy meal for breakfast will prevent your body from detoxifying in the morning and cause fecal matter to build up in your colon.

For Breakfast

From the hours of 6 am to 11am drink and eat only
Fruit juices
Herbal teas
Green drinks
Vegetable juices
Morning Drink
So start you day with a glass of,
green tea
lemon drink
wheatgrass drink
There are many other natural drinks that you can use for your morning drink.

A Morning Smoothie

After you have your drink, prepare a bowl of fruit or make a smoothie.

There so many fruits and fresh juices, without sugar, that you can use for breakfast.

If you have diabetes, eat those fruits that are not so sweet.
Now, if you prefer, you can create a fruit smoothie and get your fruit breakfast that way.

Here’s a smoothie recipe you can use.
Pineapple Smoothie
Mix the following in a blender.
1-2 cups of fresh pineapples
1/2 cups apple slices
3/4 cup fresh apple juice
1 banana
1-teaspoon lecithin
1-teaspoon flax seeds grounded
2 teaspoons bran (wheat, oat or rice) grounded

There you have one of my best tips to get you started in eliminating your constipation. Start eating a variety of fruits and eat and drink some of your favorite vegetables.

Check out some of these sites if you have constipation or need more information on natural remedies.

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